Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Guess it is time....

to begin trying this blog thing again.

The last two years have been a blur of lots of interesting things , but nothing extremely earth shattering....my interests have been in MAKING!!!!

Quilting, sewing clothing, knitting of course, poly form clay and now a little jewelry design.

I have gone to few conferences as a client....Puyallup, SEW QUILT KNIT in Portland, and sewing vacation in Sioux City. Also a few quilt shows...a few fun and few disappointing classes.

Work has changed a lot in the last few months....new offices, staff changes, and sharing a space rather than having my own office.....not having my own office has really made my work more difficult. "Getting into my zone", becomes more difficult as there are constant interruptions.  I just need to get used to it.

On the home front....new red convertible, new vintage featherweight machine in red, and a new resurgence in wanting to create for myself.

I have made 4 shirts in the last 6 weeks....each takes about 4-6 hours. And last night I just finished a pair of jeans , drafted from a pair I bought in Ireland 8years ago....they still fit, BUT are a little thread bare in spots.....I am going to wear them to work tomorrow.

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