Monday, February 28, 2011

cover shoe???

this may just be the inspiration for the cover sweater for my book.....the colors are perfect for intarsia. 

OMG..a month has passed....

since posting. it was a short month in more ways than one.

We finished the Issue 101,  completed the afghan books and quite a bit of editing on our current book,  AND  had to write the commentary for 122 garments in our Stitches West Fashion Show. OH, and BTW, I also attended Stitches for a full week.

This is a picture Cindy, Beth and me just following the fashion show. it went off beautifully with only 2 speed bumps—both not my fault as i was given descriptions for different garments, and in appointing the outfits i didn't notice that the descriptions and garments did not match.
Fortunately...both were on my roster so I stumbled through them, rather than my co-host, Fontelle. Thankfully my audience understood.

So now it is onto a new month, new comissions for designers, and new knitting projects for me. Stay tuned!!!