Monday, November 28, 2011

For my closest friend

My Closest friend died November 20th, her funeral was Wednesday November 23. 

this picture was taken after her losing her hair to chemo (we thought she was in remission), her hair grew back and Elaine had her stylist pamper Sue for the day... we made an evening of it with dinner and drinks. Alexi took this picture, and while I was supposed to hold the card to reflect the light to the left side of her face, I forgot to get out of the story , I am sticking to it!

Her birthday is this coming Saturday, and I am going to make sure it is an important day for Marv  (her husband).

I was asked by Sue to speak at the service. When I tried to share what I was going to say about her, she said , "I trust you."  
HThis is what i said:

Today we bid farewell to our dear Sue. She wanted me to share a few things that you may or may not know about Her.

Sue was a lefty.
      Her favorite color was green, 
            She loved leaves, chickens, and flamingos.
                     Autumn was her favorite season.

Sue was a talented knitter, quilter, fisherwoman and hunter. 
       She could gut a deer, bait a hook, thread a needle, and coach someone through a difficult knitting pattern equally well.  

    She had motion sickness,  she always rode shotgun, but would prefer to be behind the steering wheel, if at all possible.
    I often kidded her that her slow, cautious driving was like walking...but without wasting shoe leather. 
     She could back into a parking space better than anyone I have ever seen. Same with parking a boat or trailer. 

        She could not sleep with the light on... even the smoke detector light would keep her awake.   
             "Hi GUYS"  was NOT an acceptable greeting if Sue Nelson was in your group. Especially at a restaurant.
          When she went out for breakfast, her eggs better be cooked hard with no runny yolk or white, whatsoever. And absolutely no egg shells, thank you!
She made the best deviled eggs, but made chili with no spices whatsoever.

   Sue was a heroine, while out camping at Lake Poinsett, a  motorbike accident ripped the foot off a young man... she was first on the scene, bound his leg to keep him from bleeding to death, and kept him from going into shock.   She was commended by the parks department for her life-saving act and brave effort.

Sue's life is being celebrated half-way around the world....her virtual family in Australia, "Margaret's mob" and Katharine Gunn  will never forget her generous gifts of knitting supplies, love and support. They had planted a Tasmanian OAK tree months ago in her honor, and visited it on Sunday...just hours before she died. 

Sue was skilled in dog obedience training, as is evident in the behavior of my pug, Pucci...and our beloved Mr B.
      She  was a matchmaker...Right Chad?  Jennifer?
                             Tanner and Alex, you are on your own. 

          Sue's biggest fear was being forgotten by her Daimy, Corbin, Sydney, Ronin, and Hunter....
                   NOT a chance...
              She was a doting grandma... She loved them "to the moon and back."

          She wanted to to name Ronin "Razzor" so we could use up all the excess "z" letters in her scrap-booking alphabet sets. She lost that one.

                  She was a self-less mother, and loving wife.
                       Her mother, brothers and sister adore her. 
                    The XRX family is handicapped
                                       and heart-broken by her illness and death.  

She has many names......
Marv calls her "Honey", she is "Mom" to Marshall and Kelly Sue,
    Her family calls her "Susie", and "Auntie Susie." 
          "Sue Bee" was her nickname at Hutchinson Technologies.
XRX Editorial call her "our Sue."
         The grandkids call her  "Grandma Sue". 
                 Guess which name was her favorite? 

Sue and Marv treated me like family,  I always had a place to go on the weekend, a holiday, or anytime I was feeling lonely. 
         She was my closest friend, I could tell her anything.
We would share a wink, or a smile...and words weren't necessary.
     I would spend time with her, and  minutes after most every visit, one of of us would call the other with a reminder, or something we forgot to say, and I would start our conversation with "I miss you already." I stopped that when she decided to cease her experimental treatments.

Sue struggled through 3 bouts of cancer—and although she was frustrated by feelings of helplessness—she faced it with strength, dignity, and her infectious smile.   
          She fought through to see her and Marv's 40th wedding anniversary, and escaped cancer's grasp only days before her 60th birthday. 

She asked us to address her death "as death."

Sue taught me patience, kindness, and generosity...and showed me what Trust, Courage, and Faith are all about.   

My life will never be the same...not because she is gone, but because she was here. 

Sue, I miss you already!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Good-bye Sue!

I have been away from this for a best friend, Sue, was living out her final days before escaping the grasp of cancer. Yesterday she made her final move. It wasn't without a lot of pain, and effort. She was amazing in dealing with this insidious disease... so strong, brave and positive. She slipped into unconsciousness about 5:00 on Saturday and took her final breath Sunday at 12:20... I take comfort in the realization that she is no longer suffering...and that she loved me because she wanted to and didn't have to. I fed her for the last time on Friday night. My voice was the last one she heard as we allowed her to let go. I know that her husband, Marv, will be OK because I promised her that I will make sure he is. I will be speaking at her service, and have written a few notes....that I will share only after they are spoken. I mourn her passing but celebrate her being. Sadly and fondly!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bricks and blocks

Here  are the directions for creating a staggered brickwork with fabric strips.  I created a table runner in batiks... and wall piece in homespun fabrics.

Cut at least 18 strips of fabric (these are 2 inch wide, but jelly roll strips are perfect)
I prefer to use at least 2 or 3 of the same fabric strip within the mix for a little cohesion between the two strip panels I will create and use. (this sample used 5 different fabrics so repeats are more often than usual)
You will slash, sew and press continually as you create the runner.
1) Seam two sets together, one has 8 strips and the other has 7. My goal is to make a long 8" wide panel of staggered "bricks"...the two panels are about 101/2 and 12 inches wide, but the shify will narrow that. Add more strips for a wider finished runner.
(**you will add extra strips if required.)
2) Begin by squaring one side of each panel.
3) Cut a 1 1/2" strip across panel A and sew it to panel B, Stagger seams between strips to look like bricks. it is not necessary to center them.
4) Cut across panel B 1 1/4 " from the new seam.
5) sew new pieced section to panel A, Again staggering the seam, remembering that you want every other block to stack above the other (with a little shift).
6) Cut across panel A 1 1/4" from new seam.
7) Sew new pieced section to Panel B.
8) repeat 4-7 creating a column of blocks...** NOTE, that when one panel shifts over too far to one side you will need to add a strip to the opposite side. **
After 7-9 stacks of bricks, feel free to square up the side edges. Also understand that a little wonkiness in the seams makes for a more artsy look.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yours for the picking

Here are the templates, ready to go.        
Because the finished pieces are stuffed and then shaped with the center "core" perle cotton stitching, the pieces need not be cut exactly perfect... as long as the seams match between adjacent crescents. 

Think about enlarging or shrinking the templates for pin cushions in different sizes. This could be quite a harvest.

 Also not stated in the previous post—but hopefully understood—is to make sure and press each seam after it is sewn. Once the piece is finished you can massage the apples or pumpkins into "shape", for a little more character.

These make great paperweights or centerpiece accents as well.    
 each square is 1 square inch.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making an Apple (Pumpkin) pincushion

I made apple pincushions for a swap, and was asked how to make them,
Here is my process.
I decided to make a pumpkin for the tutorial; as it is that season, and I need something for my Autumn/Halloween swap.  
If you have questions please let me know.

[NOTE: the photographs show the pumpkin pincushion in process.]

 6 (8) pieces of  6X6" fabric in your color choice, I used batiks for my apples, and both batiks and metallic-dusted darks for the pumpkin.
 1 piece of  green fabric 2 ½ x 10”  for leaves and stem
Thread for piecing and also contrast thread for veins in leaves.
Long doll needle & perle cotton.
Sewing needle.
Filling, I prefer crushed walnut shells form the reptile department at the pet store
small shank button for floret end of apple.
Pattern template 8X3 inch piece of card stock or plastic cut to cat's eye shape.

1 Make your pattern template by enlarging the schematic, the template is 8" long and 3" at widest point.

    2    Cut  6 (8) wedges, I prefer to stack and whack with my rotary cutter.
    3   Adjust the machine stitching to 12-15 stitches per inch.   With right sides facing, layer the wedges into pairs and seam along 1 arc.

 4    Take 2 of the paired sets and seam them together along one arc into a quad. (for the pumpkin repeat for the other 2 sets for 2 quads.) Make sure that your seams cross at the points for stability.

 5   For the apple, seam the pair to the quad along one arc. (for the pumpkin seam the 2 quads together along 1 arc.)

6  For the final seam,
Sew from one point past center and beyond for about 2 inches ending with a back-stitch.
 7  Skip approximately 1-1½” back-stitch and seam to opposite point.
8   Turn piece inside out.  You will have what looks like a deflated football (basketball), that is a good thing.
9  With a funnel begin filling your apple (pumpkin) it takes a little patience and some adjusting, keep in mind that you will want to pack this tightly.

 12 Remove tape and continue to fill apple (pumpkin) until it is solid. Use a dowel or pencil, if necessary, to pack the filling.

13 With needle and thread,  sew the seam closed— stitching should be very small and  neat as possible. If necessary tighten the  indentations with more  perle cotton stitching through the center of your appe (pumpkin) core. ( this will tighten and firm up a somewhat squishy fabric.  for the record the pumpkin weighs 2 pounds 5 ounces...)

14  Take leaf fabric, and place wrong sides together, draw, then machine stitch 2 leaves along diagonal of fabric following sketch.  Using contrast thread adds interest when sewing veins. 
and center stem.  Cut out each leaf, as closely as possible to the stitching, then pinch the edges with your fingernails and run then along the cut edges for a bit of curl and frayed edge.

 13) Fold remaining leaf fabric in half with right side together, and sew stem according to sketch.  Turn right side out, stuff with fiber, yarn or cottonballs,  sew to top of apple (pumpkin), tucking in raw edges
       Apply leaves, covering the opening if necessary. 

Enjoy...note that the templates will follow  in next post...having issues with adding them. see sidebar for more pictures. 


Friday, September 2, 2011

Everyone can be a dick fan at one time or another....

I am back from Stitches Midwest, what a great time, I was never so busy. Would you believe that I didn't even walk the full market? But with small foibles and oversights that I had to remedy at the last minute, I didn't have the free time I wanted. This show was one of the most tiring ones so far; but also really rewarding, as we implemented in-booth demos that were ever so $u€€e$$ful....

I discovered a new fabric ink, and purchased 30 different colors. I even stenciled my tux shirt for the student fashion show just minutes before the show itself....I can't wait to try shaving creme printing, daubing, airbrush, stencils, marbling, and all the other things that my new friend, Joyce Tang, showed me.

We then went to Chicago proper for a photo shoot, had an audition and found amazing models for the next issue, the shoot went without a hitch. And even provided a little time for retail expeditions...I will rethink my purchases only after my CC bill arrives....NOT! No buyers remorse in this body. I love my new books, jewelry, and art piece for Casa Rico.

We were treated to 3 amazing sunrises over Lake Michigan, and a Wed night fireworks show at Navy Pier, perfect from my Hotel window!!!!

We also had great opportunities to dine...went to Burgoff's (not as exciting as it was in then olden days), Giordono's pizza (amazing...but no artichokes?.?), and Frontera Grill(food was a little too salty, and RB turned out to be a €#*%)....he lost four fans in the matter of 5 seconds. His cook books are now in the recycling bin to be hauled off on Tuesday.

My research desires for the week were to visit the Chanel shop...I did and they never disappoint....I am so ready to interpret the Chanel jumper for our next show! I also shopped Cop Copaine...and got an amazing pin for my blazers...I couldn't resist, the stylist was sooooooo cute and adorable...((Randall, I think I love you!))

And last but not least, I got to finish my trip with a little Dick.....

Blick...... More surface designs coming down the pike.

Monday, August 22, 2011


OMG....sitting here having breakfast and three businessmen in the next booth are bitching about the Gay Pride celebration at the fairgrounds this weekend and the drag show Friday night at the Washington pavilion....apparantly only straight people pay taxes????

" This is Sioux Falls, a wholesome town"...... "can you believe Wells Fargo sponsored the stage set-up... And even advertised" " there was even an article in the paper..." "our taxes support that venue..."

Can someone please enlighten these baby-boomer morons that the mousetrap just snapped, and they are the captives. Gay Pride is not about conversion, cross dressing, or staying in the closet is about
...please gentlemen...please....repeat you anger and disgust all day, we need more people to know we are here and not going anywhere soon!!!! We did our job, now be our apostles and spread the word that gays exist in wholesome Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Off to Wells Fargo to open an account! And then to work so I can pay more taxes! But as I go ....remember....

Today I cry for misinformed, because the misunderstood are far better off.

And you can quote me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heheheeee another score...

Went to the fabric store to buy a pressie for a friend, then looked through the sale rack, the 100%cotton acid green fabric I love at $10/yd was on the table, so checked the price...$1 per yard, bought all they had and at check out the 40 percent coupon made it 60 cents per yard....SWEET!
Bacause it is a solid it will get some surface design before it goes into anything...I need a vacation just to play with all mt scores from the past couple weeks.

I feel so macho... And make pretty things still!

The past 3 weekends have been studies in home improvement.

2 weekends ago , I decided to replace the water hoses on the washer and that was ever so much fun....the space for the pipe wrench was just too tight to get any leverage so I got to talk shop with the hardware guy and bought channel lock pliers...with a lifetime guarantee, I wonder what happens if I lose them...because that is what will happen if anything.

Last weekend I fixed the handiquilter frame, it was a study in plexiglass glue, nuts and bolts, drill bits and c-clamps.....fortunately Luke had taught me all this stuff through the years. And no matter how bright the hardware guy seemed to be after two drill bits not being the right size, I took my knitting needle sizing gauge and worked from there.

This weekend, I decided that the area under the deck need sprucing up. It sets 7 feet above the ground, and gets enough sun for a garden. I had wanted to create a lush garden of grasses and flowers, but couldn't get to it earlier this year because of job demands. I decided instead to colorize with mulch and a few foliage plants.....I got a
Chinese maple, and the best part is it was a stray growing in the far back of the yard, so I replanted it between my deck and the neighbor's. Also placed three verdigris cone sculptures among the mulch and plants, From the lower bedroom and den you can look out at this serene setting. It isn't quite zen-like, but would have been had I thought a bit harder about it...
Demn...I coulda used sand. Well maybe next weekend....NAW, next year maybe....

why do you keep all this shit!

one of my co-workers thinks i should clean my office more often...i just did and got a reward....

i was sorting through packages  that have been on my shelves for a few months...umm years.   one was from a major retailer  from 2008 with a Christmas stocking, a scarf and a gift card...Score!!!!

i am going to buy myself something special. what scares me is that i get a gift from them every year...hopefully  there are more from 2009 and 2010,,,this place may be a gold mine....

yea for the major retailer!
and yea for clean offices!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Channel quilting anyone?

I started quilting the baby quilt and in 1 hour it is half-way done....the quilting is placed about 1 inch apart. So about 20-25 rows were sewn. It did take a little tweaking but it is working.

I set up the machine with the lower rolling bed which means the machine will only travel east and west...since I raised the feed dogs and added the walking foot, the machine chugs it's own way across the quilt. So cool!!! The only drawback is it only chugs one direction, so every row is made while traveling east. I have to stop at the end of each row, clip threads, and begin the next row back at the beginning. I also have to advance the quilt at the beginning of each row, but it sure beats wrestling the fabric not the machine without a frame.

I don't know if anyone had ever tried this before, but I do see a series of channel quilted quilts in my future. Also I realize that I can re-stretch the quilt and quilt at 90-degrees.


Three weeks ago I bought a handiquilter machine quilt frame on bay. I have not bought a lot from eBay, but this deal was too good to be true.

I won the bid, and it arrived the following Monday, and in opening the box, I found 2 pieces that were severely damaged. I contacted the seller, knowing that the damage wasn't completely her fault....but decided to let her off the hook because I got such a great deal.

So I started brainstorming and figured out a couple of solutions. $40 later and a couple of hours investment and we are ready to roll.

Last night, I created a small sandwich of fabric, batting, and fabric and gave it a whirl. Although the machine had a few tension issues, the Thing works. I, of course need lots of practice to get even stitches, but I am excited, I have 4 complete quilt tops to quilt along with half a dozen in the works.

I just placed my grand-niece's quilt onto the frame and thought what if I remove the upper bed and just use the rollers of the lower bed and my walking basically moves the machine along on it's own!!!! SURE, I am only getting straight parallel lines, but I can turn the thing 90-degrees for a grid. And once off the frame I can go back and work within the squares...until I can stitch evenly on the frame.

The frame didn't arrive with instructions but a kind soul, Applecrisp on Flickr, sent me pictures and offered a video...the pics did it....thanks Applecrisp!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July...independence or dependence?

Holidays are great for an extra day off from work...hopefully you don't bring work home.
Well, of course, I do. The rest of the week depends on my being ready for it...

So Saturday and Sunday I finished another two garments for the Photo Shoot coming up on Wednesday and Thursday. One had sleeve cap issues...which were resolved but had to be reknit and pieced...the other was the frustrating one.

It was a piece I needed quickly for the next a quick commission (that didn't come out a great as I wanted)is then reconfigured and reknit....hello! Rick!

I started reknitting it last weekend. Amongst it and 2 other projects, all was done yesterday...I have it and a jacket washed and blocked, and the scarf of previous post is sent and on set for the filming of Chasing Christmas.

The last piece turned out much nicer than the original....but now instead of one size only, it will be graded for 3 sizes....more work! Hmmmm...something to be said for job security and keeping myself viable...arrrggghhhh!

{now you know why my posting has been sporadic}

Anyway, I still had a great Saturday evening cookout at Sue's, and last night had amazing ribs...tonight I am most likely going to dine when I will be leaving town in 36 hours makes little sense.

Fireworks at the fairgrounds are visible from my that will be a cool ending to 3 days at home
Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

which took longer to finish?

I received the yarn and the book this week and had to get the  scarf knit by this weekend....for another movie based on this book.  Best of all the book is autographed....and that really amazes my sister and some co-workers.  All i can say is that I am pretty  fortunate to have Debbie Macomber in my fan base as my work gets added exposure in the world.  
Now, off to finishing 3 more projects for  next weeks Photo shoot!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

outside the window

Replacing the billboard across the street from the office....i see a discharge, or dye pattern in my the book matching which just happens thanks to the way the panels come off the crane and lift....Gray never looked so good!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I will let the article speak for itself...

Sue and I are best friends, she and i pieced the afghan, took it apart for individual block photography, and reassembled now  will find a home with someone it might just be you!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

cover shoe???

this may just be the inspiration for the cover sweater for my book.....the colors are perfect for intarsia. 

OMG..a month has passed....

since posting. it was a short month in more ways than one.

We finished the Issue 101,  completed the afghan books and quite a bit of editing on our current book,  AND  had to write the commentary for 122 garments in our Stitches West Fashion Show. OH, and BTW, I also attended Stitches for a full week.

This is a picture Cindy, Beth and me just following the fashion show. it went off beautifully with only 2 speed bumps—both not my fault as i was given descriptions for different garments, and in appointing the outfits i didn't notice that the descriptions and garments did not match.
Fortunately...both were on my roster so I stumbled through them, rather than my co-host, Fontelle. Thankfully my audience understood.

So now it is onto a new month, new comissions for designers, and new knitting projects for me. Stay tuned!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Estoy mas alegre que una chica con zapatos nuevos!

I am happier than a young woman with new shoes!

this is one of my favorite sayings from my college days. Remember my Spanish professor would always start the week with a great phrase to keep us going, this one stuck...I am planning to make a wall hanging with the phrase, but haven't had a chance to do so yet....and with my latest shoe purchase i am feeling the sentiment no matter how sick i am with this blasted cold!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home, sweet home

Back from TNNA on the 11th. While there, I made my wish list of  yarns for my book.  Now all I need is to get the projects confirmed and colors chosen and ordered to get knitting. My plan of allowing 2 weeks for each project may seem abitious, but i think it should work. Plus I DO have a couple of volunteers to assist should i fall behind.

Last week was another trip to South Beach for the photoshoot. Dispite a rainy Monday, the rest of the week went without a hitch. We had a couple of models  that we love and we got everything shot within 2 days, which left us with an extra day to play...

when I say play, I mean shop...

Spent Friday shopping in South Beach, buying a couple pair of shoes and a new messenger bag. My current bag has served well for more than 5 years, it is a  Cirque du Soleil tent fabric bag, in their signature blue and yellow which always garners comments; but alas, it is finally wearing through the vinyl and into the fiberglass threads looking a little ratty. Only a viisit to a traveling show may be an opportunity to purchase a true replacement. (Can't find it on their website.) The new one is a cool canvas and leather combo with grommets and plaid lining. Quite natty with a bit of a distressed look.

Following the bag purchase, i had to look for shoes.  I love a cool shoe, and the selection at the Sioux Falls shoe stores is pretty limited. So I shop on the road.

This trip was not a disappointment— a pair of Donald Pliner tuxedo flats in a colorway of  jade, eggplant, and bronze beads.They will be perfect when I take to the stage in  Santa Clara in 3 weeks.  Now, all I need is to get the perfect shirt for my brown tux jacket. I should have done that in Sobe, but didn't have the jacket.

I also bought a pair of driving shoes that are pretty sweet, and cannot wait for the snow to melt and get them broken in. they too are in the jade family. Hmmm... a theme yet again?

My father would ask do you need another pair of shoes? Of course not, but what does need have to do wit it? I am helping the economy, and it did look like help is needed. The inventory in Barney's was the lowest I had ever seen, and the price points seem to be slightly lower as well. seemed like a pattern in all the neighboring shops, and there were quite a few vacant buildings.

Of course, I would have loved to go fabric shopping, but that would have required a taxi ride through the streets of Miami... soaking up the sun in January, makes shopping on foot more desirable. With all the walking (which felt great) I am convinced that if I didn't hibernate 4+ months a year i would be back to my pre- Knitters weight.

Now I am just depressed, I need to go look at my new shoes. Later.

Friday, January 7, 2011

And I'm off.... TNNA. This is the spring/summer yarn market.

Tonight is the Fashion Show, and tomorrow, Sunday and Monday is market, where I source yarns for the upcoming issues of Knitter's and books.

Of added excitement/stress.....I will author (rather then edit) my first book this year. It has been a long time coming, I am excited. I will source yarns for the 25+projects in the book.
I return home on tuesday, and then leave again on Sunday for the photo-shoot for the next issue. South beach in January, is a nice more ways than one!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year's day

I started playing with the many fabrics I bought at the Heirloom Creations Sale. I needed to make a gift for a swap partner who seems to have been left out in the cold by the person who was to send her a gift.

This is what i came up with. Before (in process on the red couch cushions) and after (on the desk with the blossoms in full bloom). It was an absolute blast to create, so much so that i was up till 3:30 making it. Hand sewing the binding can be rewarding as well as time consuming though.

I especially like how the origami style blossom petals overlap the border, and YES, it was deliberate.  could easily see a  votive candle setting in each of  them. Maybe i should get over to Pier 1 and see what they have; after all, it is a gift!

 The indigo coloring of the background fabrics have an Asian feel, which is what i was striving for and achieved. The piece of rusty red was one of those serendipitous finds from one of my fat quarter bundles. it used the whole piece but lucky for me there is a second piece for another runner....I want this one!

I have been involved in  quilting bees for about 9 months now, and have made some wonderful friends and gained some great piecing experience. i have made things i would have never tried before, like paper piecing, and i do like it now, that is how i made the Pucci pillow.

But the Make Mine Modern Swap has been even more fun and rewarding, as you set a 3-month focus on one recipient, and try to get info on them to create their special package yet keep it secret.  As you volunteer information and commentary to posts and pics, you are wondering if the creation is yours and at the same time providing insight to your tastes. I must say that my partners in the last 2 swaps were spot on in their choices for me. (But i have been a very active participant... so knowing what I might like is pretty easy.) Creating for those 2 swaps was not as easy, my partners were pretty quiet, which is difficult. But i made some cool stuff!

I have a million things on the slate for 2011, starting with getting Casa Rico back in shape. I am going to start spring cleaning early— as soon as i return from TNNA in California, and the Photo Shoot in South Beach—if only i could call in sick for those events and work on MY space!  AARRGGHH!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New years eve....

We were bombarded with snow. It wavered from crystals, to large fluffy clumps to fine little pebbly bits.It was beautiful.
I went to the fabric store for their annual inventory reduction sale, and bought fabrics for 50% off...with an added 10%if you finished the bolt. Books were 40%off.
So from 9:30 to 12:30, Sue and I planned, picked, and sorted out what we wanted, all said and done I spent $190. Came home and evaluated the package....52 yards of fabric that normally sells at $9.00 to 9.50per yard. Means that I had a minimum of $460 worth of fabric plus a $27 dollar book.(Some of the fabrics had intermediate markdowns that were split in half for the sale.)

After cashing out, I had 4 inches of snow on my car, it was a beaut. Fortunately, I had nowhere else to be so I came home garages the car and sorted through my fabric. Got the backing for my crazy curve quilt which would have been $85 bucks alone.

So, now I should get some work done....I have a substitute package to put together for one of the people in a swap....I think her partner welched on her part..Don't you hate when someone will not answer emails, even if they say I can't fulfill my part. Keeps you from feeling helpless in proceeding on the poor soul who has no package coming.