Friday, August 9, 2013



Her I am middle of night, ready for bed.... Great day!!!

Yesterday, WEDNESDAY, I started at Vogue Fabrics....bought silks and cottons for garments...but my best find was some great Sewing workshop patters that are no longer in the current catalog....along with a couple of Lois Ericson patterns. Had the clerk not been so annoying and listened i would have bought more. My time was limited and I decided to give up and use mail order instead!

Got back to Schaumburg Convention Center to judge the 3rd round of The Fiber many things to say during the taping, I don't envy the editing process of this round....Laura Bryant, Cirila Rose, Elaine Rowley, Karin Skacel and I had so many ideas and opinions. And not always agreeing made it even more fun and rewarding.

Opening day talk with Laura, and it was really informative...if you like hand-dyed yarn this was definitely a must see. Went to the luncheon, and was flattered when Laura commented that she wished we could live closer so we could collaborate and design together.

Spent the afternoon working on the fashion show. We have 102 garments....with full commentary for Friday night's show....some great knits and a few that make me wonder what the hell is someone thinking.  Building 102 ensembles can be a challenge, but we have some really great ones.

The market opened with the unveiling of Knitter's issue 112, my sweater is on the cover... And the photo is stellar.

I wore the Pan Pacific shirt with my pink great  kudos when they learned my shirt was from my hands. Not sure what to wear later today, but I think I'll wear another handmade shirt....will let you know tonight...

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