Tuesday, September 24, 2013

another week...AARRGGHH

The weekend  passed uneventfully, except that is was my baby brother's birthday and the anniversary of my meeting Luke (33 years)...a little bittersweet not having him around to share the special day.

and another week has begun here at work... the garments for next photo shoot are coming in.
there are little tweaks i need to make in the fitting but nothing too major..thank heaven!
The models are chosen and on will be here the first weekend in October. Hoping that the fall weather decides to stay warm and sunny enough for the on-location shoot.

I have finished a Qiviut raglan pullover and hope to sew a skirt to match...have a great knit plaid chosen for the skirt.  A friend is finishing another pullover design for me while i am making scarf/ cowl/ mobius  to match, now I need to decide how to finish it...to be one of the 3 pieces...finished writing the pattern, and am working on schematics, illustrations and graphics.

We are 5 weeks from our next Stitches, and that too will be a ton of work...fortunately the Modeling Agency has already contacted me agreeing to furnish the talent, i have worked with them for many years...and glad to have them in my corner.

I need to get sewing, if not for work than just for my own well being...not sure why, but when i get home all i want to do is relax and cuddle with Pucci.

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  1. i see it's been a while since you've blogged; i hope you still check/get the messages that are on this comment section.
    i found you via 'quilting edge' - where you'd asked about the measurements of the QAYG strips. you'd asked about the leftover 1/4"... and she'd replied that the measurements were correct...
    just want to confirm....AND... acknowledge that you were/are correct. i just tried my first seam, and both back and front are out by 1/4", well not so sure yet about the front one, but surely the back. i had to do some "unsewing" and trimmed the strip down by a 1/4" = fit like a charm.
    when i started attaching the front (wider) strip it is wider than the back strip....so again, i'll have to do some unsewing, and some trimming.....


    sorry about Luke!!!