Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day...

was a quiet one at Casa Rico. I had planned to go to North Dakota, but snow curtailed that (along with a foul mood).  I did manage to get my Accuquilt cutter up and going, and made this  little lap quilt for Carolyn (a co-worker struck by a spinal virus which rendered her paraplegic, she is not expected to walk again).She is such a sweet and caring person, that  needed to do something special for her.

Last year I bought a rag quilt for Sue for her birthday, and she uses it all the time, so I thought this might be the perfect gift for Carolyn. I started it about 1:00, by 10 pm it was in the washer to shrink and fluff up.  of course i stopped within the time to have dinner, a few decadent snacks and walk the pups.

My sister convince me that I needed the  rag quilt die to make this and I am so grateful. I never would have made it through the quarter inch slashes on every join and around the perimeter.  The one use of the cutter paid for itself... all blocks were cut within 40 minutes and the  flannel filler took less that additional 20  minutes. I chain quilted a diagonal across each square, then the other diagonal for the X, and began piecing. The layout was a fun exercise in getting things the way I wanted them, and  required some seam ripping and replacing.  My estimates for  fabric requirements for 49 squares (7x7 block set) was a little generous so I have leftover fabric for the beginnings of another one.

Back at work, relaxed and stressed at the same time, deadlines and packages of commissioned garments arriving each day. have to style them and get ready for the photo shoot in South Beach and TNNA in Long Beach, 2 coasts in two weeks.

Off to Carolyn's, the best part of giving a late present is that no reciprocation is allowed!  My story, I am sticking with it!


  1. I have a rag quilt my mom made me and I love it. I actually made a couple baby sized ones and you are right...the cutting is annoying!