Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Color Fans?

I am in the process of re-merchandising  a book. Not always a fun  task, but since it involves a lot of color, i am having a great time.

from gold east or west?
After picking out yarn samples, I thought it might be cool to use the pantone color swatches to see where this is going.  The yarn colors are limited by the palette of the yarn line that I choose. of course, it isn't always a personal decision but a business one.  i have come up with two options of 6 colors.
Each color bar represents  the colors  i like for the project.  The golden yellow is in both options: the left side composes the " federal spectrum, and the e right  the "sophisticate combo."

this is a kid project so we might even suggest a pastel version of the colors at the tip of the cards....hmmmm.

now it's time to get the yarn and start the knitting, AAARRRGGGHHH!

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