Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home, sweet home

Back from TNNA on the 11th. While there, I made my wish list of  yarns for my book.  Now all I need is to get the projects confirmed and colors chosen and ordered to get knitting. My plan of allowing 2 weeks for each project may seem abitious, but i think it should work. Plus I DO have a couple of volunteers to assist should i fall behind.

Last week was another trip to South Beach for the photoshoot. Dispite a rainy Monday, the rest of the week went without a hitch. We had a couple of models  that we love and we got everything shot within 2 days, which left us with an extra day to play...

when I say play, I mean shop...

Spent Friday shopping in South Beach, buying a couple pair of shoes and a new messenger bag. My current bag has served well for more than 5 years, it is a  Cirque du Soleil tent fabric bag, in their signature blue and yellow which always garners comments; but alas, it is finally wearing through the vinyl and into the fiberglass threads looking a little ratty. Only a viisit to a traveling show may be an opportunity to purchase a true replacement. (Can't find it on their website.) The new one is a cool canvas and leather combo with grommets and plaid lining. Quite natty with a bit of a distressed look.

Following the bag purchase, i had to look for shoes.  I love a cool shoe, and the selection at the Sioux Falls shoe stores is pretty limited. So I shop on the road.

This trip was not a disappointment— a pair of Donald Pliner tuxedo flats in a colorway of  jade, eggplant, and bronze beads.They will be perfect when I take to the stage in  Santa Clara in 3 weeks.  Now, all I need is to get the perfect shirt for my brown tux jacket. I should have done that in Sobe, but didn't have the jacket.

I also bought a pair of driving shoes that are pretty sweet, and cannot wait for the snow to melt and get them broken in. they too are in the jade family. Hmmm... a theme yet again?

My father would ask do you need another pair of shoes? Of course not, but what does need have to do wit it? I am helping the economy, and it did look like help is needed. The inventory in Barney's was the lowest I had ever seen, and the price points seem to be slightly lower as well. seemed like a pattern in all the neighboring shops, and there were quite a few vacant buildings.

Of course, I would have loved to go fabric shopping, but that would have required a taxi ride through the streets of Miami... soaking up the sun in January, makes shopping on foot more desirable. With all the walking (which felt great) I am convinced that if I didn't hibernate 4+ months a year i would be back to my pre- Knitters weight.

Now I am just depressed, I need to go look at my new shoes. Later.

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