Sunday, January 2, 2011

New years eve....

We were bombarded with snow. It wavered from crystals, to large fluffy clumps to fine little pebbly bits.It was beautiful.
I went to the fabric store for their annual inventory reduction sale, and bought fabrics for 50% off...with an added 10%if you finished the bolt. Books were 40%off.
So from 9:30 to 12:30, Sue and I planned, picked, and sorted out what we wanted, all said and done I spent $190. Came home and evaluated the package....52 yards of fabric that normally sells at $9.00 to 9.50per yard. Means that I had a minimum of $460 worth of fabric plus a $27 dollar book.(Some of the fabrics had intermediate markdowns that were split in half for the sale.)

After cashing out, I had 4 inches of snow on my car, it was a beaut. Fortunately, I had nowhere else to be so I came home garages the car and sorted through my fabric. Got the backing for my crazy curve quilt which would have been $85 bucks alone.

So, now I should get some work done....I have a substitute package to put together for one of the people in a swap....I think her partner welched on her part..Don't you hate when someone will not answer emails, even if they say I can't fulfill my part. Keeps you from feeling helpless in proceeding on the poor soul who has no package coming.

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