Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July...independence or dependence?

Holidays are great for an extra day off from work...hopefully you don't bring work home.
Well, of course, I do. The rest of the week depends on my being ready for it...

So Saturday and Sunday I finished another two garments for the Photo Shoot coming up on Wednesday and Thursday. One had sleeve cap issues...which were resolved but had to be reknit and pieced...the other was the frustrating one.

It was a piece I needed quickly for the next a quick commission (that didn't come out a great as I wanted)is then reconfigured and reknit....hello! Rick!

I started reknitting it last weekend. Amongst it and 2 other projects, all was done yesterday...I have it and a jacket washed and blocked, and the scarf of previous post is sent and on set for the filming of Chasing Christmas.

The last piece turned out much nicer than the original....but now instead of one size only, it will be graded for 3 sizes....more work! Hmmmm...something to be said for job security and keeping myself viable...arrrggghhhh!

{now you know why my posting has been sporadic}

Anyway, I still had a great Saturday evening cookout at Sue's, and last night had amazing ribs...tonight I am most likely going to dine when I will be leaving town in 36 hours makes little sense.

Fireworks at the fairgrounds are visible from my that will be a cool ending to 3 days at home
Hope you had a great weekend!

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