Sunday, July 31, 2011

Channel quilting anyone?

I started quilting the baby quilt and in 1 hour it is half-way done....the quilting is placed about 1 inch apart. So about 20-25 rows were sewn. It did take a little tweaking but it is working.

I set up the machine with the lower rolling bed which means the machine will only travel east and west...since I raised the feed dogs and added the walking foot, the machine chugs it's own way across the quilt. So cool!!! The only drawback is it only chugs one direction, so every row is made while traveling east. I have to stop at the end of each row, clip threads, and begin the next row back at the beginning. I also have to advance the quilt at the beginning of each row, but it sure beats wrestling the fabric not the machine without a frame.

I don't know if anyone had ever tried this before, but I do see a series of channel quilted quilts in my future. Also I realize that I can re-stretch the quilt and quilt at 90-degrees.

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