Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I feel so macho... And make pretty things still!

The past 3 weekends have been studies in home improvement.

2 weekends ago , I decided to replace the water hoses on the washer and that was ever so much fun....the space for the pipe wrench was just too tight to get any leverage so I got to talk shop with the hardware guy and bought channel lock pliers...with a lifetime guarantee, I wonder what happens if I lose them...because that is what will happen if anything.

Last weekend I fixed the handiquilter frame, it was a study in plexiglass glue, nuts and bolts, drill bits and c-clamps.....fortunately Luke had taught me all this stuff through the years. And no matter how bright the hardware guy seemed to be after two drill bits not being the right size, I took my knitting needle sizing gauge and worked from there.

This weekend, I decided that the area under the deck need sprucing up. It sets 7 feet above the ground, and gets enough sun for a garden. I had wanted to create a lush garden of grasses and flowers, but couldn't get to it earlier this year because of job demands. I decided instead to colorize with mulch and a few foliage plants.....I got a
Chinese maple, and the best part is it was a stray growing in the far back of the yard, so I replanted it between my deck and the neighbor's. Also placed three verdigris cone sculptures among the mulch and plants, From the lower bedroom and den you can look out at this serene setting. It isn't quite zen-like, but would have been had I thought a bit harder about it...
Demn...I coulda used sand. Well maybe next weekend....NAW, next year maybe....

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