Monday, August 22, 2011


OMG....sitting here having breakfast and three businessmen in the next booth are bitching about the Gay Pride celebration at the fairgrounds this weekend and the drag show Friday night at the Washington pavilion....apparantly only straight people pay taxes????

" This is Sioux Falls, a wholesome town"...... "can you believe Wells Fargo sponsored the stage set-up... And even advertised" " there was even an article in the paper..." "our taxes support that venue..."

Can someone please enlighten these baby-boomer morons that the mousetrap just snapped, and they are the captives. Gay Pride is not about conversion, cross dressing, or staying in the closet is about
...please gentlemen...please....repeat you anger and disgust all day, we need more people to know we are here and not going anywhere soon!!!! We did our job, now be our apostles and spread the word that gays exist in wholesome Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Off to Wells Fargo to open an account! And then to work so I can pay more taxes! But as I go ....remember....

Today I cry for misinformed, because the misunderstood are far better off.

And you can quote me.


  1. I can't believe some people! Small mindedness like that infuriates me!

  2. You know, prejudice is a parasite and it's so ugly when it seeps out of people. Grrr...

  3. Absolutely! And some of us are still too scared to let ourselves be know and stand in awe of those who do..... I get Knitters and was pleased tpo see you here, quilting as well. Another subject.... why are there not more knot paieces about and for men who knit?

  4. Sew he knits, too,

    Regarding your question, there are really very few men who subscribe and read our magazine, so there are fewer men's knits in the magazine, I try to get at least one in each magazine, but that is not a guarantee, The latest issue 103 doesn't have a men's pattern, but k104 has two, both raglans, and both pretty cool if I do say so....
    If you follow Knitter's, you will see few profiles on many people. It is part of our game plan, focusing more on classic, knit able and wearable knits rather than timely news and features that iare outdated within a year.
    I have been sewing longer than knitting, and have just adopted quilting as a passion in the last 3 years. It is how I unwind after a busy day of work.
    I am working on MY book, and it will focus a little more on both men's and women's patterns.

    On the other point, it is hard for many people to "come out" or stand up for homosexuality; and there is no rational gay person who will demand it of another. Everyone needs to be ready for (and evaluate) the repercussions of doing so. I have not done so unscathed.

    I have been assaulted twice in my life--one involved a trip to the emergency room and stitches, the other was the opposite. That attacker was sent to the hospital, and has a facial laceration to remind him of his stupid act... I am not proud of it, but had I not defended myself, I have no idea what would have happened he was not alone in the attack. And trust me I am not a fighter, or tough guy in and manner.

    When I came out to my family, I had decided that "if they love me for who they want me to be than they really don't love ME." and sadly, one of my sisters is in that minority, she and her family disowned me many years back, and it hurts...but only when I let it....I think she is them one at loss.