Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making an Apple (Pumpkin) pincushion

I made apple pincushions for a swap, and was asked how to make them,
Here is my process.
I decided to make a pumpkin for the tutorial; as it is that season, and I need something for my Autumn/Halloween swap.  
If you have questions please let me know.

[NOTE: the photographs show the pumpkin pincushion in process.]

 6 (8) pieces of  6X6" fabric in your color choice, I used batiks for my apples, and both batiks and metallic-dusted darks for the pumpkin.
 1 piece of  green fabric 2 ½ x 10”  for leaves and stem
Thread for piecing and also contrast thread for veins in leaves.
Long doll needle & perle cotton.
Sewing needle.
Filling, I prefer crushed walnut shells form the reptile department at the pet store
small shank button for floret end of apple.
Pattern template 8X3 inch piece of card stock or plastic cut to cat's eye shape.

1 Make your pattern template by enlarging the schematic, the template is 8" long and 3" at widest point.

    2    Cut  6 (8) wedges, I prefer to stack and whack with my rotary cutter.
    3   Adjust the machine stitching to 12-15 stitches per inch.   With right sides facing, layer the wedges into pairs and seam along 1 arc.

 4    Take 2 of the paired sets and seam them together along one arc into a quad. (for the pumpkin repeat for the other 2 sets for 2 quads.) Make sure that your seams cross at the points for stability.

 5   For the apple, seam the pair to the quad along one arc. (for the pumpkin seam the 2 quads together along 1 arc.)

6  For the final seam,
Sew from one point past center and beyond for about 2 inches ending with a back-stitch.
 7  Skip approximately 1-1½” back-stitch and seam to opposite point.
8   Turn piece inside out.  You will have what looks like a deflated football (basketball), that is a good thing.
9  With a funnel begin filling your apple (pumpkin) it takes a little patience and some adjusting, keep in mind that you will want to pack this tightly.

 12 Remove tape and continue to fill apple (pumpkin) until it is solid. Use a dowel or pencil, if necessary, to pack the filling.

13 With needle and thread,  sew the seam closed— stitching should be very small and  neat as possible. If necessary tighten the  indentations with more  perle cotton stitching through the center of your appe (pumpkin) core. ( this will tighten and firm up a somewhat squishy fabric.  for the record the pumpkin weighs 2 pounds 5 ounces...)

14  Take leaf fabric, and place wrong sides together, draw, then machine stitch 2 leaves along diagonal of fabric following sketch.  Using contrast thread adds interest when sewing veins. 
and center stem.  Cut out each leaf, as closely as possible to the stitching, then pinch the edges with your fingernails and run then along the cut edges for a bit of curl and frayed edge.

 13) Fold remaining leaf fabric in half with right side together, and sew stem according to sketch.  Turn right side out, stuff with fiber, yarn or cottonballs,  sew to top of apple (pumpkin), tucking in raw edges
       Apply leaves, covering the opening if necessary. 

Enjoy...note that the templates will follow  in next post...having issues with adding them. see sidebar for more pictures. 


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  1. Hi Rick,
    Great pumpkin pin cushion tutorial. Your instructions are well written and easy to follow. I like your fabric choices.