Friday, September 2, 2011

Everyone can be a dick fan at one time or another....

I am back from Stitches Midwest, what a great time, I was never so busy. Would you believe that I didn't even walk the full market? But with small foibles and oversights that I had to remedy at the last minute, I didn't have the free time I wanted. This show was one of the most tiring ones so far; but also really rewarding, as we implemented in-booth demos that were ever so $u€€e$$ful....

I discovered a new fabric ink, and purchased 30 different colors. I even stenciled my tux shirt for the student fashion show just minutes before the show itself....I can't wait to try shaving creme printing, daubing, airbrush, stencils, marbling, and all the other things that my new friend, Joyce Tang, showed me.

We then went to Chicago proper for a photo shoot, had an audition and found amazing models for the next issue, the shoot went without a hitch. And even provided a little time for retail expeditions...I will rethink my purchases only after my CC bill arrives....NOT! No buyers remorse in this body. I love my new books, jewelry, and art piece for Casa Rico.

We were treated to 3 amazing sunrises over Lake Michigan, and a Wed night fireworks show at Navy Pier, perfect from my Hotel window!!!!

We also had great opportunities to dine...went to Burgoff's (not as exciting as it was in then olden days), Giordono's pizza (amazing...but no artichokes?.?), and Frontera Grill(food was a little too salty, and RB turned out to be a €#*%)....he lost four fans in the matter of 5 seconds. His cook books are now in the recycling bin to be hauled off on Tuesday.

My research desires for the week were to visit the Chanel shop...I did and they never disappoint....I am so ready to interpret the Chanel jumper for our next show! I also shopped Cop Copaine...and got an amazing pin for my blazers...I couldn't resist, the stylist was sooooooo cute and adorable...((Randall, I think I love you!))

And last but not least, I got to finish my trip with a little Dick.....

Blick...... More surface designs coming down the pike.

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  1. I agree with your assessment. When gay men are presented as people...people who pay taxes, rear children, buy groceries, create jobs for straights, build communities and lead lives that are often...just like everyone else...then, the educational process will be successful.

    I enjoy seeing you efforts in print. Did you ever write that book on steeking? Juswunderin.