Monday, October 3, 2011

Bricks and blocks

Here  are the directions for creating a staggered brickwork with fabric strips.  I created a table runner in batiks... and wall piece in homespun fabrics.

Cut at least 18 strips of fabric (these are 2 inch wide, but jelly roll strips are perfect)
I prefer to use at least 2 or 3 of the same fabric strip within the mix for a little cohesion between the two strip panels I will create and use. (this sample used 5 different fabrics so repeats are more often than usual)
You will slash, sew and press continually as you create the runner.
1) Seam two sets together, one has 8 strips and the other has 7. My goal is to make a long 8" wide panel of staggered "bricks"...the two panels are about 101/2 and 12 inches wide, but the shify will narrow that. Add more strips for a wider finished runner.
(**you will add extra strips if required.)
2) Begin by squaring one side of each panel.
3) Cut a 1 1/2" strip across panel A and sew it to panel B, Stagger seams between strips to look like bricks. it is not necessary to center them.
4) Cut across panel B 1 1/4 " from the new seam.
5) sew new pieced section to panel A, Again staggering the seam, remembering that you want every other block to stack above the other (with a little shift).
6) Cut across panel A 1 1/4" from new seam.
7) Sew new pieced section to Panel B.
8) repeat 4-7 creating a column of blocks...** NOTE, that when one panel shifts over too far to one side you will need to add a strip to the opposite side. **
After 7-9 stacks of bricks, feel free to square up the side edges. Also understand that a little wonkiness in the seams makes for a more artsy look.

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