Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dyeing to sew

I machine washed and dried the wool/rayon boucle fabrics i bought at the Fabric Workshop hoping to felt them. I think they fulled enough to be totally stable. i then  sampled small pieces  in a dye bath of black Wilton food color...the black broke leaving  cool colors ( magentas and teals) in the wool with the rayon keeping much of its intrinsic colors.

So, last night they took the plunge. They started out as yellow, orange, and green....I put all three half yard pieces into an enamel pot and left them to dye till i get home and wash them tonight.  Interestingly, as i played with the pot of dye to check things this morning, my hands turned magenta and the plate i used as a weight was covered in teal ...heaven knows how the fabrics will look tonight.

I am feeling a kind of deconstructed/ artsy vibe with this  fabric ( so i also dropped in a few pieces of black and white houndstooth and glen plaid for accent patches, maybe). Shooting to create something akin to  these cool looks. if not the fabric be repurposed to something else i am sure.

on another front....
 if you follow knitting,  Skacel is hosting a design contest, much like their own project runway with 12 contestants.  I am one of the judges for the current challenge with the judging  in 2 weeks at our Stitches Midwest show. take a look i am a little perplexed at how this all will shake down...the other two judges are my boss Elaine, and our latest Author Laura Bryant of Prism Yarns.

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