Thursday, July 11, 2013

Still high from the fumes....

I am shocked at how fast i can finish a sewn garment...i am so accustomed to knitting a garment that takes 20+ hours, that i forgot how gratifying sewing something in a few hours can be...and hand-finishing is a breeze. i think i might just be wrapped in sewn threads until the weather changes.

Made a raglan pattern for a T-shirt night before last, it was taken from a Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt I bought about 10 years ago. It took all of 20 minutes to get it to work as i knew I just wanted a sliver more room in the body.

I cut it out and had it done in a couple hours and wore it to work yesterday. It is black with beige tiny  polka dots in front, solid black short sleeves, and a striped back. The back is  Ponte so i used the wrong side for the back so a triplet of smaller lines make up each stripe...stripes also in the collar.

Not only does it look cool, it is really cool to wear— which works well when i get overheated. and that happens more than i like these days. Gotta balance the blood pressure...keep calm and bite your tongue!

I am now up to 5 fun shirts from this class, tonight i am  cutting out a new fabric i bought at SR HARRIS in the Twin Cities. it is grey with silver embossed stars.  it willl be dip dyed to match my new Donald Pliner Ponts....hoping it turns out cool enough to wear at STITCHES, otherwise it will be  back to old standbys...or a trip to Nordstrom when i hit Chicago.

Also ordered a pair of Donald Pliner Sandals, yesterday....with their sale and my 30% off coupon they were really reasonable, and the black with red soles...will be perfect for my trip next week to Kansas....going to The Sewing Workshop for a sewing class with Linda Lee.  I think it will be a challenge for her in that she wasn't expecting a man, and i will have to bring my own pattern and ideas....i am thinking either a red dupioni silk jacket (like a jean jacket) or a raglan jacket in a green animal print. Either way these babies are destined for the Fashion Show at Stitches Midwest.
made in the class with Katherine Tilton.... high-lighted with gold foil, shiva stick and jaquard just played with tucks, added the long sleeves as side panels and wore it over a dress shirt in black and white blocks

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