Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week End of Stitching!

OK now!

i have received a real kick in the pants, and am deciding to share here more regularly.

Just returned from a sewing workshop with Katherine Tilton in Minneapolis, The "Arty T" was a real blast. I went with my boss, Elaine, and her cousin Sarah from Brooklyn, and besides eating like there is no tomorrow, and shopping, we accomplished our goals.

A little history, Elaine and I went to the Sew Expo in Puyallup, WA last February after our weekend at Stitches. The whirlwind of 3 days in Seattle/Tacoma included fabric, pattern and surface design shopping along with a series of mini workshops. We made time also for  the glass workshop, the Murano hotel.( i wanted to visit the space needles but maybe next year, my parents went to the worlds fair when i was a kid)

The  Sew Expo highlights were meeting a few "sewing" stars. Amongst them were Marci and Katherine Tilton and shopping their booth was  just what i needed to get back to sewing my clithing. Katherine told us about the Arty T  workshop and we decided right then to go for it!

So this past weekend was a room full of sewing machines, knit tricot, stencils, paints, 15 women and me. we all worked on our own individual projects and had a blast. i made 2 pieces in 2 days. helped draft a pattern for the husband of one of my classmates. And refined a pattern with Elaine.  i also pushed Sarah, into purchasing stuff to keep sewing at home.

i will post pictures of my two pieces later....one is in the wash as it is full of dog hair from Mr.B and my visit to pick up Pucci last night. the other is hanging ready for an occassion!


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