Monday, July 22, 2013


Got home at midnight from Kansas, went to a workshop at the Sewing workshop with Linda Lee...I had met her in Puyallap Wa at the Sewing Expo back in February.  My pal, Elaine , insisted that I join her for this event....I call it an event because it was!!!!! 3 days of sewing which expanded to 4... We went through fitting, design and sewing instruction...we were enveloped by hundreds of finished samples and gloriously beautiful fabrics. 

I used to sew the majority of my wardrobe. Somehow, after Luke's death and my move I lost interest...but kept knitting. But since knitting is a work responsibility it no longer is a diversion from work stress...the quilting, and now garment sewing is soothing that need.

More about Kansas.....
I made 3 garments that I will use for work and special events.

Made a reversible Peony silk vest, a Pan Pacific shirt (with double color and hidden placket and double cuffs), and a color blocked t-shirt. The Pan Pacific is made in a fine-weight cotton with a motif that graduates from nothing to full blown pattern across its width. I still need to make the buttonholes and redo the collar as I made it a tad too tight for my neck.  And the t-shirt is linen knit combined with a stretch sequin in copper.   Can't wait to wear this under a blazer.

I brought home an Indian silk, wool gauze, python black on black wool print, wool/rayon blend in 3 colors for color blocking, and a Pucci print silk!!!!   We stopped in Kansas City,  shopped at Kaplans and got two stunning peices of fabric for  a couple more fun shirts.  I was a little conservative in the amount of  fabrics I bought, mainly because our Mini Coper was pretty packed when we I am alread living with regrets of purchases missed. Thanks heaven for mail order!!!!

I cannot say enough about Linda, Kathy and Erin....what a staff !!! I  felt so at home, being the only guy, and I think the first in one of these classes.....Linda warned the ladies I was coming and promised them I would move away into a corner when they wanted to try on clothing and while worked for the first morning, after that first morning there was  little problem for them to be changing as if I weren't there— bras and undies were seen by all.
I mentioned to Linda, " I think I am one of the girls, now."

Kathy sews the most impeccable garments and has a style and color sense rivaled by no one I have ever known, and Erin is a sweetheart with the GenX vibe, modern look, and  so much polish.

Anyway I will dress my mannequin tonight and post pictures....because I am thrilled with all the amazing things I now own.
I was fortunate to purchase 2 shirts from her, they will be well loved and used in the next month....Stitches and Wendi's Wedding arre coming up soon.....

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