Sunday, July 14, 2013

Still sewing...

Just finished a raglan t-shirt to wear with these. Shoes to dye for!!!????

It is grey cotton tricot with embossed silver stars...felt I needed a little blue accent and dip dyed the finished  piece in teal, advancing the fabric every half hour to create a gradient of color. Like what I have seen on pinterest, although I went for pale colors.   Looks great with my white linen slacks....dark jeans....or my grey wool slacks and a blazer.


Today I am cutting out my velvet leopard is a jade and black combo,--pretty unexpected--but should be a fun piece for a jacket for  one of the evening events I host at Stitches.  I decided to keep it pretty casual and make it a raglan bomber with elasticized waist and cuffs. I found a great NEW LOOK pattern a few years back (is 15 years a few?) and finally have time to do something with it....did I tell you I am going to SEW KANSAS this week, and hope to get a vest and jacket made...

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