Monday, October 25, 2010

busy weekend

It was a busy, but somewhat relaxing weekend  here at CASA RICO. I am preparing to go to Stitches, tomorrow, but had to sew instead of pack.. I took a small bag of scraps from Sue's Crazy Curve quilt and started piecing them together. I  followed very little  logic or plan for the beginning of the piecing, just wanted to create pieces that had enough  area to work into something.I made some strip blocks and then slashed and reassembled them, played with skinny piecing, and just had fun. The result was a real shocker, after probably 6 hours of work/play, I arrived at a bunch of mini blocks ( less than 15 inches square). I  really like them. I am thinking I may combine some of them together. Others will  stand alone to become a mug rug, small framed piece, or maybe a focus spot in a larger design. Who knows??

The second picture is a black and white fabric that I colored with marvy fabric markers. I am in a swap where we make something for our target partner's sewing area. this is like a Secret Santa swap where you do not know who is making your gift until it arrives. I am making something special for my partner, and think that I will start with the sewing machine version of this fabric, i may over-dye some of it for the  background, then
color in some of the machines. stay tuned, this all will happen after I return from Stitches.

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