Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple today

Many of us are wearing purple today to mourn the recent suicides of 6 young men who could no longer deal with bullying for being gay. My heart goes out to the families who are feeling the loss, but even more to those still suffering through the ignorance of others. 

I wonder why each of those youngsters did not feel that there was someone to help them; they just needed someone to talk them off their ledge. They needed to know that everyone has awkward moments and feelings of inadequacy, and bullies resort to torment and ridicule to mask theirs.  

We failed these boys.

I find it a true shame that we still allow it in our society. Why don't we teach compassion? Why can't we all figure out that hate is a waste of energy and emotion? Sadly, bullying is something we do not outgrow, and the Internet has made it easy to be a bully behind a mask. 

I am sure you each could tell a story of not fitting in. Anyone who has never felt awkward or different; I congratulate you, even though I doubt you exist. The rest of us still have the opportunity struggle, overcome.... or give up. 

Whatever the case...
                              NEVER GIVE UP! 
                                                         Tomorrow might be better or worse, but at least you will know.

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  1. I completely agree. I am wearing purple today too. Hopefully someday we will live in a world without hatred and prejudice.