Monday, October 25, 2010


When I was in college I took an art class. It taught me very little other than I didn't have a vision as my professor thought I should. And formal training was not for me.

The one thing he did instill in me was to practice in small doses
I had to create and work out compositions in little 1-inch squares. A page full of squares, and each inch was a composition.

We had to fill at least a page a week, which was about 100 squares a week, we were monitored each week, then graded at the end of every 3 or 4weeks. It taught me to look around and force myself to look for compositions.

Quite a few people do the picture a day, or something similar...I am now trying to do that with my quilting...I want to create original pieces.


  1. What a fantastic way of working, I am trying to thing of quilt designs at the moment and am going to start a mini grid sketch book. Thank you!!

  2. You will be surprised at how many fun designs you can create. ....remember in quilting a square could easily represent a single. Block It can be turned and assembled. Checkered in with setting blocks. Or even 1 big block. And it can all start with A few lines (cuts/seams) in a single inch.
    I say go for it!!!!