Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Beginnings

After a hectic weekend getting the magazine finished, it is gone to the printer....and a new week of insanity begins.
 We are so proud of this endeavor. it is a double size issue with over 50 garments in it. I have a few designs in there...seems having to knit like a mad-man for 3 weeks burns one out. I haven't touched knitting for more than a month other than testing a stitch, pattern, or swatch. Personal knitting time has been non existent. Sad but true.

I am now working on a million other projects, and most demanding will be commentary for  Stitches East Fashion Show in Hartford in 9 days. ARRRGGGHH!  I have to pick models today. It is a huge job but quite rewarding. Building 120 outfits to go with knits from our market show takes an assistant  2 days to complete with my help and nagging. 

I am especially excited to go this year as my sister, Lynette, is joining me. She is a quilter and not a knitter, but might become one when surrounded with over 1200 other crazy students. [[ We still  plan to have a little time to go to a quilt store.]]

My sister is coming to Hartford also because she wants to meet Debbie MacComber, who will be our guest at Stitches East...my sister is a big fan of hers...
need i say more... 
it will be fun to let my sister and her have a few personal moments together, [[I remember meeting Robert Redford back in 1977, I was so starstruck]]...am sure my sister will do fine. 

I met Debbie over 2 years ago and we clicked, I admire her and her work, and she seems to be a fan of mine as well. 

While in  Hartford we plan to a quilt store or two joining me will be  my friend Ginger, Sue, Lynette....anyone know where we should go for a great quilty experience?

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