Friday, November 19, 2010

another friday!

Wow! this week flew by fast!
i got a lot done at work. i worked all week on the jacket book, playing with numbers for all the different sizes, now all we need is to plug them into the templates.

At home, I have finished all my bee blocks for November, just completed my swap piece which goes out the beginning of December. When i went shopping for the final little needs for the swap i came across a great table top trinket that seems to have been created especially for my swap partner. i bought it along with a few other things that i think she might like for decoration...seasonal or 24/7.

 Weekend plans are to develop and execute the details for my December blocks since my month in Sewn Together.  i was going to give  I may be giving my month to someone else,  but she never and she just responded   and i think she may have just gone missing after falling behind in the process. i do not fault her as she had one of those "life happens" incidents and has just  may have not yet seems she has had a difficult 2 months, and hjopefully things will improves for her and her family.

i also plan to work on an idea for the Joann's Quilt Your Colors contest. i had a blast picking fabrics for it. many pieces are already cut out, and  now i have to create blocks and setting  for the piece. i love a challenge.

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