Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life is not fair

I just checked facebook to find a long-time knitting friend has just died of cancer...she still lived back in NM so I will not be able to make the memorial service on Thursday. She had been battling cancer for quite a while...so of course this was expected but still it sucks. She was my age and leaves behind a loving husband and two kids. ....sad time in Casa Rico,

My dearest friend, Sue, is also fighting cancer, and she is in a lot of pain plus really feeling down. She is making plans for the eventual reality of death, and it is just so hard to be so helpless and fear that you cannot say anything comforting enough.

Plus one of our coworkers is suffering from a viral infection that invaded her spinal column..meaning she cannot feel any of her extremities. She most likely will not make it back to work...she has had a hard couple of years and this on top of it just makes me wonder how some people can struggle through it all.

Please keep these people in your thoughts, positive energy never hurt anyone.

Peace to everyone, and remember to be kind to everyone, and do not take life and your dear ones for granted.

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