Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What are you going to do?

Had a restless night. Today, I have to finish merchandising the winter issue which means calls to yarn companies and  designers, a bunch of orders that must be sent fed ex overnight,  and contracts. That is easy compared to what my 3 friends and their families are going through,

I am frustrated for them..When I lost Luke 10 years ago, I wanted to wallow in pity for a few days, but  life doesn't let it happen...there was too much to do. My family did not know how to treat mother was worried about me, so all I could do was be strong and ease her fears. i bucked up, got back in the saddle and moved on.  Everything went back to normal.

At least everyone thinks it did.

I just spoke with someone on Friday evening who lost her father last year. She asked if the pain of loss ever goes away, and I told her I would let her know as soon as it happens...


  1. I dont think the pain ever goes away you just learn to live with it as the years go by. :(

  2. I agree whol-heartedly, you go through good times , bad, anger, and everything else but in the end there is that empty spot.