Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i could spit fire

I finally got the block for  Antique Roses done.... Baby Norbert is complete. ( Ihe bat  block was done a few days ago.) And pretty cute if i say so myself...

It is for a Harry Potter Quilt for  the Scrap Happy bee. Not being a  Harry Potter fan, I made sure that the block I had to make would be challenging and something i would like to own myself.  It had to fit into my sewing sensibilities as well. Yeah, with all the  pieces, cuts, seams, and tails there was no sensibility to any of it... other than I was not lazy and I made a block I would love to keep ...I HOPE Kristen loves it.

While the Dragon choice was obvious, considering  my last name, I had ulterior motives. I thought success through this block would breed a series of dragons for family members...ummm...5-hour blocks...ummm... Baby Norbert will be an only child at Casa Rico, but he flies off to his new mommy today. Adios HOT STUFF.

This Block wasn't difficult, just tedious. YET, it was  perfect for keeping me from breaking down and crying from all the crap happening round me. I know I am lucky to have friends that I care about....even if i feel helpless in being able to comfort or help them. This is just one of life's lessons... I am only a bystander, who can pitch in when asked or needed.

Anyway, do not take this as wallowing, there is no room for ":poor me" in life. I  recall MY favorite M*A*S*H episode...( the details are a little vague but)  BJ is wallowing about his kid meeting Radar upon his discharge and way back home to Iowa. In meeting BJ's family at the San Fran Airport, the kid calls Radar "Daddy", BJ is crushed, pissed, helpless, and lets rage get the best of him. Eventually Hot Lips smacks him back to reality reminding him that he has so much to lose because he has so much.

I got the message....

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